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Where do you begin to start a blog

To start a blog, first you have to desire to begin a blog, it could be for a hobby, for family or business. Next you have to workout what you want to include in your blog. When you have a topic to create a blog about. You’ll need to get a website to host your blog.

There are several types of platforms you can use for your blog.

Free websites or hosted websites

These are great to start a blog for those who wish to create a family or hobby blog. However if you intend to monetize your blog, you’ll want a hosted website. Free websites are inexpensive but usually have certain limitations, such as no advertising allowed. Long website names with the hosting company’s name in it and you have little control over your site. Some free blogging sites are Blogger,, Wix etc.

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Self hosted websites

Are websites that you own, with your unique web name. You have a lot more control of and can monetize if you wish. There are many hosting companies. I use SiteGround as it is easy to use and has great rates. You can usually get a free domain name with the hosting company. You can use a domain register to buy your website name. I use Namesilo, as it is inexpensive and includes features you have to normally pay for with other domain registers. Many self hosts offer installs to enable easy web site building. These are best to start a blog with.

Once you you have your website and designed it using WordPress, your ready to start blogging. To monetize your blog you can either produce a digital product and sell it. Join an affiliate program and sell other peoples products, which seems to be the simplest method of earning an income online. Don’t expect mega bucks to begin with, it’s not a get rich quick method, it develops with your blog and the people you engage with.

To engage with your audience, you will need to deliver relevant and valuable content in your blog. The content you share needs to be delivered consistently and be of value, helping people answer their questions or issues. To develop content that your audience will value, you will either have the knowledge or research the topics you blog about.

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