How to set up an online T shirt shop

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How can I set up an online T shirt shop?

The easiest way to sell T shirts online is to set up a store front at Teespring.

At Teespring you simply set up your store and then start designing your T shirts. You can also put your designs on all sorts of clothing, home decor items and phone cases.

An online T shirt shop is another great way to add to your multiple sources of income. See my post on why you need multiple sources of income here!

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Getting started

Go to Teespring and sign up. To sign up you enter your email address and a password and you are set to go.

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When you hit the sign up button, Teespring will send you a welcome to Teespring email. But you will have the screen below come up.

Hit the create & sell button and then the continue button. This will take you to an about you page, with 5 options.

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The about you page will ask you what you want to do with Teespring and if you are a business or personal designer.

About you page #teespring#lotaincome

Once you decide if you are a marketer, content creator, designer, organisation or other, hit the continue button and the screen below appears.

Select the platforms you will be promoting your products on. The primary platform will be marked with a star. Then hit the continue button.

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Set up store front

When you have nominated if you are a designer etc and picked you promotional platforms, you are asked to name your store. There are many aspects to think about when naming your Teespring store. Such as SEO principles and niche specific keywords.

You now hit the create store button.

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Hit the create store button and your store front dashboard will come up. Here you can edit your store front. The colour of your header can be edited, a banner added or changed. You can add products to your store and edit your about you page.

Store front set up #teespring#lotaincome

The settings on your dashboard bring up the window below. Here you’ll find your store URL, and you’ll be able to enable product categories and cross selling.

Dashboard settings #teespring#lotaincome

When you change something in your dashboard, you have to hit the save button to confirm the change. Your new store front will need products. The product button on your dashboard will take you to the screen below.

Product page #teespring#lotaincome

Click the add products button and a screen with all the different products you can sell will appear, as below. All the products available for sale can be seen when you scroll down this page.

Choose your product #teespring#lotaincome

If you choose the Unisex/Mens T-Shirt product, the screen below appears. There are several options to choose from.

Selecting a product #teespring#lotaincome

Whichever option you choose will bring up the screen below asking if you want to buy or sell. Pick the sell option.

Buy or Sell #teespring#lotaincome

Create your product

After hitting the sell button, you will be taken to the create your product page below.

On the create your product page, you have options for adding a design and /or text to the front or back of your product. Choosing the colour of your product, white is the default, but if you press the + button many other colours are available.

This is also where you set the price for your product and see what profit your product will make.

When you have finished creating your product, hit the continue button.

Add a image #teespring#lotaincome

Add products Screen now appears where you can add other products with the same design as below. If you don’t want to add anything else, hit the continue button. However if you want to add other products, just click on them and they will be added to your store.

When you hit the continue button, it is now time to create your listing.

Teespring add more products#teespring#lotaincome

Create your listing

The create your listing page looks like this.

Create your listing #lotaincome

On the create your listing page, you give your product a title and description. Plus selecting which image is first to appear.

Further down the create listing page, you’ll find the URL for your product. Settings for visibility, either public or private and which store you want to add the listing to if you have more than 1 store.

When you have finished creating your listing, push the publish listing button.

And here is your new product listing in your store below.

New listing #teespring#lotaincome

Further down your listing are social media buttons to allow you to share your designs on social media.

create your listing page lower #lotaincome

The listing page allows customers to choose their size,colour and quantity. Shipping info is also shown on your listing page.

Heres an example of a Teespring store that has been set up!

Selling your products

There are many options for selling your designs. Facebook adverts are a popular promotional method to sell T shirts. You can promote your T shirts on your web site if you have one. Youtube is another avenue for promoting your products. Other places to sell your products are Amazon and Ebay.

Setting up an online T shirt shop can be done for free using Teespring.

This is how you set up an online T shirt shop.

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