Creative Fabrica Review

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Creative Fabrica Review

We do a full review of the subscription, since has been a go-to for me for graphics and fonts over the past year.

I do have a link for you all and this gives you a one dollar for your first month trial on and then it gives you a lifetime discount on your monthly membership so instead of 29 per month it brings it down to 19 per month and locks you in at that rate forever.

3 Things Creative Fabrica offer

We’re going to go over three things, what types of graphics fonts and other services are available on, what the licensing and membership requirements are and then lastly how to avoid getting copyright infringements. has over 4 million graphics on their website, almost 90 000 fonts, lots of different craft resources and then they even have some resources you can download for free So we’re going to walk you through some of what’s available on the website.

There are lots of free resources that you can just go ahead and download that have commercial licenses.


For the fonts, a commercial license you can just use as is and use it however you’d like. You just can’t sell that font.

Most of the designs available only have a commercial usage license which means you can’t use the design as is. You’d have to add to it and change it and really make it your own for that to be covered.

But if you don’t sign up for the subscription there are tons of great freebies that you can get from this website as well so still worth checking them out even if you don’t end up signing up.

Our favorite things to get from is fonts, since it can take tons of time to go through all of the fonts on Canva or on GoDaddy studio. This can be a great way to find

really specific fonts. You know a really great way is to use it for holidays like there’s really great easter fonts, Christmas fonts and Halloween fonts.

You can search these for lots of different ways, like let’s say you wanted a distressed font. Type that in and there’s going to bring up lots of different great distressed fonts for you.

You get the commercial use license with all of these, the only thing about the fonts is if you do cancel your subscription then you do have to stop using the font and so something to keep track of and make sure you understand.


Then the next thing that they offer is graphics, there’s over 4 million graphics and what’s really great about the graphics on this website is they’re very well optimized each listing can have up to 50 different tags and so you can type in almost anything and find an amazing amount of graphics.

They do recommend some to you as well so these are the popular this week graphics when you’re looking through just the graphics some of them are going to have commercial use licenses and some are going to have full print on demand usage allowed.

The difference between those is the ones with the full POD usage allowed you could technically download these designs and upload it as is on to Esty for sale on T shirts ,mugs etc. so that’s what the license is covering for you.

But the way that that license works is if you have the full pod usage a license and you upload it onto etsy if at any point you cancel your subscription you would then need to delete that design if you didn’t make any changes. However if you downloaded a design and you added words above and below, added some colors, added some other graphics then after you cancel your subscription you could actually keep that up for sale you would just not be able to make new designs with it.

There is actually a print on demand folder, this is a great place to get graphics, ignore any of the copyright ones like the Disney themed. The people selling on are third party sellers so they are not keeping your best interests in mind trying to sell you Disney things. But they are very cute and you can download them and use them for personal use, but we wouldn’t recommend selling anything for commercial use.


Another great thing that you can get off is mock-ups, so if you type in mock-ups you’re going to find mock-ups for lots of different types of items. You’ll find some for aprons, for mugs, the 3001 Bella shirts, Gildan shirts and so there are quite a few on here. We’d say the majority for the t-shirt ones are pretty mediocre but there are a few that are great but especially these mock-ups by lock and page of sweatshirts.

If you’re wanting to try a new sweatshirt color you can always get one of these mock-ups here see if it sells, then if you like that color you could buy some fancier mock-ups for it.


They also offer free online classes so if you go and look at their classes there are some great ones that are available that teach you how to make sublimation designs, how to draw gnomes in procreate there’s plenty of great things to learn.

Another really fun thing that has is in their tools section is something called shape cloud, so if you’ve ever seen those designs where it’s a bunch of words all shaped in a heart you can actually make those within seconds on

You can do a custom shape or they have some that are auto generated for you.

Let’s just make sure that we all understand the license for selling the items that you get with your subscription.

For the commercial license you’re able to create an unlimited amount of items to sell and that is for physical items or digital items as well. If you wanted to have a digital download store where you sold poster prints or digital download prints you could even sell just png downloads that you make for other t-shirt sellers.

Those are all great business ideas to start as well and you get again unlimited versions of these products that you’re able to sell for the commercial license. You can’t just upload items as is to a shirt and sell it, you do need to use those pieces in a completely different type of design and make it a unique design for you.

As an example, it’s a pack of flowers that they downloaded so you can’t just put one of the flowers on a shirt you would need to use those flowers in a brand new design that combines them and other elements to be something completely unique .

Then after you cancel your subscription one day any designs that you’ve used like this where you’ve made it completely your own you do have the license to keep it up and sell it forever. The only thing you can’t do after you cancel it is be creating brand new items with these same elements.

For the full print on demand usage license you can actually upload the items to your shirts or any of your products as is without making any changes and you’re able to use it for full commercial rights.

However this part is different if you ever cancel your subscription if you did not make any changes to the design you would need to then delete it. Whereas if you use those elements to create a brand-new design that is unique then you’re able to keep that up forever with the normal commercial license.

Lastly, earlier we mentioned avoiding copyright infringement. We know it’s going to be very tempting when you’re on this website to look at some of these completely fully made gorgeous designs that are ready to be uploaded to Esty and have the full print on demand rights. It’s really tempting to just go ahead and download these and upload them directly to your store, but a word of caution again all of these graphics are uploaded by third-party sellers.

Which means that just like in a lot of places there’s people who steal designs and then sell them on here.


We really recommend using for the graphics and the fonts and then combining them together to make your own unique design.

Hopefully this review was helpful to you seeing all that has to offer.

If you’re interested in trying them out for the free trial and then you can cancel it at any time but trust me if you do use this service you’re going to love it because they just have so much to offer.

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