5 Action Steps towards your goals

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5 action steps towards your goals for more sources of income.

These are five steps in achieving the goals we set ourselves. But all these steps and the goals we are trying to achieve cannot occur unless we take action.

First step – Planning

When we decide to aim for a goal, be it a personal or business goal, we need to make a plan. No plan and our path to the goal can be long and winding, as we go from one idea to another without any consideration.

Therefore the first action step towards your goal is to plan out how your going to achieve the end result. Now don’t get bogged down in the detail to much or the planning stage could go on and on as you plan every little detail. Although you need to make a plan, the original plan is usually amended as your journey continues to your goal.

A good example is a new Blogger, they may research and plan about every area they need for there blog, but delay their blog launch until they have completed all their planning. It is better to make a plan and launch their website first, then as they learn and research more they can develop and add to their blog.

Planning can be a form of procrastination, unless you have some action nothing can occur.

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Second Step – Believe in your goal

If you can’t believe you will reach your goal, you are behind the eight ball before you start. Believing in your goal is fundamental to achieving it.

Actions that help with your belief in your goal, are affirmations and visualizations. Affirmations and Visualizations need to be specific and positive towards your goals.

You use affirmations and visualizations regularly to strengthen your belief and enable your mind to focus on your goal.

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Third Step – Review as you go

Once you have started towards your goal, you may find that certain areas of your plan needs to be tweeked. It is unusual that your initial plan is perfect or that external conditions don’t change. By taking action to review your progress will enable you to fine tune your path to your goal.

Many people don’t like change, but change is part of life and must be dealt with when chasing your goal. Without change life would be frightfully boring and change can open up new opportunities that you may not have considered before.

Review of your situation can come from changes in many areas, education, environment, influence from mentors and peers. You may learn a new way to do something or someone may show you how to do something a better way. Achieving your goal may be reached sooner using new knowledge or a better method.

Fourth Step – Why, Know why you want the goal

Knowing why you want to achieve a goal is a powerful motivation to push on when things may get tough. If you know the purpose of your goal and why it is important to you will be able to make it through the tough times when your wondering why you began towards the goal.

Why your want a particular goal helps you to commit to it. Most goals are not easy to achieve and require a determined commitment to follow through to the end.

Commitment to your goal helps you stay focused on the end goal. Without a purpose and commitment goals become unreachable or a burden as we wonder around aimlessly.

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Fifth Step – Get going

Once again, if there is no action, a goal will always be out of reach. Each of the previous step are of no use if you don’t put them into action. The famous quote “Just Do It” comes to mind, spring onto action and the momentum will help propel you towards your goal.

Get going now! With your dreams and goals, life is short and you never know when the end may occur. Action will always help you look at life with a positive outlook.

Putting your ideas into action will fill your day with meaning and make you feel better as you realize that your goals are becoming reality.

In summary, without action, nothing can occur. Your dreams and goals are only obtainable through your actions.

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