5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2019 for little or no cost

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So you want to to make money online with no cost. Read on to discover the best 5 ways to make money online in 2019.

1. YouTube

You can setup a YouTube channel for no cost, other than your internet connection cost.

To start a YouTube channel, you simply need to open a Gmail account. Once you have a Gmail account you go to YouTube and start uploading videos on the topic you are into.

The videos you upload can be videos you create, or you can use creative common videos that are already on YouTube. Creative common videos allow you to reuse them as long as you give credit to the creator and you have edited the video in someway.

To make money from YouTube, you can use ad sense to place adds on your videos, however you need to meet the requirements before any adds are placed on your videos. These requirements are 4000 hours watch time in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers.

Other ways to make money with your YouTube channel is affiliate marketing, by putting affiliate links in the description area below your video. You can also sell your own products through links in the description area.

2. Freelance

The next way to make money online in 2019 is freelancing your knowledge. There are many websites that you can join to market your wears, one site is Fiverr, here you can advertise for jobs and the pricing starts at $5.00.

If you can write on a certain subject or create a graphic design, you have a marketable skill others will pay you for.

Some people develop their online income by out sourcing all their graphics and content to sites like Fiverr, which is great for freelancers.

Freelancers can make money online by advertising their skills and communicating with their customers through email etc.

You can find a link to Fiverr in our resources page.

3. Online Surveys

Online surveys are a no cost way to make money online in 2019.

There are many sites that pay you for your opinions. You sign up to a survey and they will send you surveys that you will be paid for.

Some sites like Neilsen put software on you computer to monitor your search results, and send you $10.00 every 2 weeks.

Payments may be by PayPal or gift cards, once you reach a certain amount. Although the payments may be small per survey, they do add up and every little bit helps.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need a website to make money online in 2019 from affiliate marketing.

To make money from affiliate marketing, you can develop landing pages through sites like MailChimp. There are many videos on YouTube that show how to setup landing pages with MailChimp and this will help you build an email list.

Affiliate products you can promote can be found on sites like Clickbank or Offervault. There are many other sites that have affiliate products to promote. All these affiliate sites are free to sign up for and have thousands of products.

5. Write a Book

You can write an E book or maybe a how to book or even that novel you always meaning to write and get it published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

If you have an Amazon account you can sign into Kindle Direct Publishing with this, if you don’t, it is easy to sign up to.

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can use Word or some other word processing software and then use the Kindle Direct Publishing site to format the book and get it published.

Once you have a published book you can sell it through Amazon and your own website. If you have an email list you can sell it through email marketing, or offer it as a freebie to build your email list.

These 5 ways of making money online in 2019 with little or no cost are sure to increase your income. However you must take action to make any of these methods to work.

The income you receive from these ideas depends on you putting in the time required to make them work.

Usually if you don’t invest money to make money, you need to invest time. Also the money you make will take time build as you are organically building your audience, it won’t happen overnight, you have to invest your time.

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